Thursday, January 31, 2013

Awkward and Awesome Thursday


  • Having a guy sit right behind me in Yoga. I was suddenly much more aware of my butt . . .
  • Slipping and catching myself about five times in the TSC while coming back from Yoga. Rain boots really don't have much traction.
  • Realizing that the zipper on my pants is broken while I was at Mitch's apartment. Good thing I had on a long shirt.
  • Making random, awkward eye contact with he same person multiple times at church. I swear I wasn't meaning to keep looking at you. . .
  • Having to explain to a student for fifteen minutes why they don't get their scholarship back in a refund when they drop a class. There are only so many ways to tell them.
  • Having someone at the bridal fair ask me when I'm getting married. When I told them I wasn't they were super awkward about it and told me my time would come eventually. Oh dear . . .
  • Having someone at the health fair ask me if I worked here. Thinking he met USU I told him yes. Turns out he meant working at the health fair. He then asked me where to stack the cardboard boxes he had . . . um, somewhere out of the way?


  • My grad applications are finished! Now to play the waiting game until the middle of March. No big, I'll just try to plan my life without knowing where I'm going to live.
  • I just won a pair or Ray Ban sunglasses at the health fair! I seriously never win anything so this was extremely exciting.
  • I am hopefully going to Hawaii in May. Yay for leaving the continental US!
  • The incredible amounts of snow we've gotten recently. The only thing that wouldn't made it better was a snow day.
  • Ingrid Michaelson Pandora. I've seriously been listening to it nonstop lately. It's so happy and bubbly and just great.
  • My best friend Aubree and her husband Cory moved back to Cache Valley so I get so see them and their cute baby all the time!

Isn't he adorable?

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