Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Kenna's Wedding

Last week one of my best friends in the entire world got married. She's actually much more like my sister. Our Dad's have been best friends since they were 11, so we've grown up together. It was so wonderful to see Mckenna so incredibly happy! Words can't express how happy and excited I am for Mckenna. She is one of the best people I know, and I love her so much.

I didn't take any pictures (weird, I know!), so I got these ones from Facebook. Thanks Elina!

All Mckenna's side of the girls - Me, Jess, April, Kenna, Aubree, Steph, and Elina

The Lewis side :)

Cinco De Mayo

I've been quite the slacker on this blog, so sorry this is a couple weeks out of date (This is for you Rachelle! ;))

The last weekend of school we had an awesome Cinco De Mayo Party. We decided to make one rather than spend $20 for a crappy one at Walmart. The only problem was I decided to start making it the night before the party . . .

Here we have Connor and Steph decorating it

After filling it with candy it was still weak on the inside in a couple of places, so I tried to tape the inside to fix it, hahaha

We also tried to get it to dry faster by baking it

Fail. After we put everything in it it started ripping so it got duct taped.

Mitch always leaves presents on my camera for me

To fully celebrate the holiday we decided we needed mustaches, and much fun was had with them :)

 Inside the pinata was much more than candy - there were whistles (a horrible idea), Twinkies, army men, a rubber duck, and mini water guns. We were all pretty wet after the water gun war.

After the pinata we watched Nacho Libre (Stacy loved sitting in between Mitch and Connor), and then we attempted to watch the meteor shower, but failed at that because of the clouds.

Overall it was a super fun weekend, and a great way to end the school year before everyone left for the summer.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Juice Box

I've been living at home since last Thursday until I can move into my new apartment. This morning I went down to eat breakfast and found that my Mom had packed a lunch, complete with a juice box. This is one of the many reasons my mom is awesome :)

Goodbye Old House

This past school year I've lived in a little old house with five other girls. There are tons of things I loved about this house - my walk in closet, the huge kitchen with two fridges, a washer and dryer, our huge front lawn, our great parking spaces, the size of my room, etc. However, the house did have some downfalls.  In the winter it was freezing all the time, no matter how high the heat was, which resulted in a $212 gas bill one month - gross. Also, there's no air conditioning, which is a must in the summer. There were also some spiders, and because it's old it seems to get dirty easier. But I must say the worst thing about the house was the random, awful smell that would come from mine and Elina's closet, as well as the hallway. It smelled like a mixture of sewer, rotten eggs, and death. It was horrid. I certainly won't miss that at all.

 My awesome closet

My side of the room

Our desk and my dresser

I loved having space for the piano in our room, as well as our bag rack

Elina's half of the room

Our super awesome kitchen - I made the curtains :)

I won't miss our super small shower. Shaving your legs took mad skills

Our Living Room

Quote Wall

Paula's adorable room - I absolutely love her butterfly wall

The beautiful trees outside our house


Friday, May 4, 2012

8:15 am Check out time?!

Today was the day we had to check out of our house. Our packet said 12:00 pm, but we had to get a specific time which was 8:15 am! It's completely ridiculous. Some people have finals, and have to be our and don't have anywhere to go. Our landlord was kind of a jerk about the whole thing.Yesterday I left work at 4 and went home to finish packing. When I got there Steph had already put all my stuff in the car, which was so awesome of her. We then proceeded to deep clean our entire house. With most apartments you can actually make them look clean. With our house, no matter how much you clean, it still doesn't look clean because of how old it is. The paint is chipped everywhere, and everything is crooked. High quality, that's what we look for in our housing ;)

With the help of Steph we headed back to Richmond at 11:00 pm. I got home with three car loads of stuff to unload. I got most of my car and Steph's emptied, and then I proceeded to start making a pinata at midnight. Yes, I was up until 1:30 am making a pinata - not cleaning or packing or anything super productive. And who knew that a flour and water paste would be so hard to get off your skin? I bet I looked pretty ridiculous as I tried to get the dry paste off my legs at 1:30 in the morning, hahaha :)

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

This is what happens on a Sunday with bored College Students who think they can be Cheerleaders

Last Sunday was pretty fantastic. My friend Mitch had a bunch of left over hot dogs and hamburgers from a club party, so he had a bunch of people from our ward over for a BBQ after church.

Nothing feels more like summer than sitting on the grass. My Toms are probably my favorite shoes ever :)

The boys got bored and started throwing grapes and olives into the air as high as they could and then tried to catch them with their mouths. When they weren't going high enough someone went and got a wrist rocket. They tried everything from grapes, olives, carrots, strawberries, pieces of licorice and cookies, to marshmallows.

Everyone wanted to win!

The lighting was fantastic, which resulted in tons of pictures, which then resulted in everyone trying to get into all the pictures. Connor just snuck his fingers into this one :)

Let's see how hard we can make taking a picture!

The boys then got bored with normal pictures, and decided that they wanted to do three people stacked up on each other. This was an epic fail, but resulted in great pictures :)

They wouldn't let me put this on facebook, but they said nothing about my blog :)


Fail, hahaha