Monday, April 30, 2012


This past Saturday the band Anberlin came to USU for our school's closing bash. They close off the whole maine street and set up a huge stage in the middle of it. It's pretty sweet. Last year they brought Sean Kingston, who wasn't super good live. I didn't really know any of their songs, and you couldn't hear their lyrics very well over the background noise, which was unfortunate. They were okay, but nothing compared to Parachute live.

Close ups!!!

My favorite pic of the night

 Oh the problems of being short

After the concert we went to Narnia and got hot chocolate and then went to an overlook of the valley. It was freezing so we stayed for about 3 minutes.

This picture was taken later than night and just makes me laugh :)

Friday, April 27, 2012

Puddle Jumping

Last night my friend Connor texted me and asked if we wanted to go on a walk with him in the rain. Who doesn't love walks in the rain? Especially at night through the cemetery.

 It's pretty much impossible to get a good picture of falling rain

 Connor doesn't like his smile but I think it's great :)
 Please ignore how awful I look in these pics - dancing in the rain at 11 at night doesn't do good things to your hair :)
 Yay for rain boots! It makes puddle jumping much more fun

Wet wet wet . . . jumping in puddles makes your rain boots a little ineffective

 I meant to point at my wet pants, and instead just ended up pointing at my butt . . .awkward.

Happy Tax Return

So I may have gone shopping with Stephanie and Paula ...and I may have bought 8 new shirts... but it was all for the low low price of $87, which I believe is justifiable :) And now I only need some new shorts and maybe a pair of flip flops and I'll be ready for summer.

Another win for the day, my entire outfit cost only $30. $10 tank top, $10 white undershirt, and $10 jeans. Never mind the $50 shoes ;)

Monday, April 23, 2012

Sleeping on a trampoline is probably not the best idea . . .

This past weekend has been pretty epic :) Friday night Stacy, Paula, and I went up to the Institute closing social. We had some fruit and cotton candy and then played volleyball in the parking lot with a blow up ball. It make sit harder to actually get it across the net, but it definitely doesn't hurt your arms as much :) We ended up playing with Jeff, Connor, Brandon, Dave, Braden, and a bunch of people we didn't know. After we went back to our house and were deciding what to do. When it got dark we went up to play glow in the dark Frisbee on the hper field with Mitch, Steve, Stacy, Paula, and one of Mitch's friends Landen. After Frisbee we decided to party hop (all except for the frat party;), so we hit the concert/party thing in the fieldhouse, the Institute dance party, and then the dance on the Quad. When we got tired of hearing the crappy music at the Quad we ran to 7-11 at Midnight to get Slurpee's. Gotta love random adventures :)

Saturday night we had a group of about 23 people over at our house. Everyone brought different ingredients to make pizza, which was delicious! (Thanks Steph!) Before we ate I helped Connor and Jon set up the sound system, and most people were playing dodge ball on the trampoline. After we ate outside we went into the theater and watched 'Hot Rod'. I'd never seen it before, but it was pretty hilarious. After the movie everyone moved out to the patio for an epic dance party. The sky was perfectly clear, which made the stars awesome. The Christmas lights and Tiki torches were also tons of fun. Along with the dance you always have to have awkward dance pictures :)
Elina, Mitch, Steve, Anthony, Jeff, Connor, and Paula
 Steve, Anthony, Paula, Jeff, and Krishelle
Jess, Steph, Elina, and Mitch
Gotta do the Asian picture - Elina, Anthony, Krishelle, Mitch, Lauren, Jess, Paula, Steve, Stephanie, Connor and Me

After the dance party we started a campfire and made s'mores :)

Me, Paula, Stacy, Mitch, Megan, and Steph, with Brandon, Dave, Braden, and Katie in the back
Krishelle, Steve, Connor, Me, and Paula
Jeff, Lauren, Krishelle, Steve, Connor, Jess, and Me

When it got to be 1 am we decided we should probably head to bed. Everyone had left except Jeff, Lauren, Krishelle, and Connor (Also Elina, Anthony, and Jess who were staying the whole weekend), when they got the idea that it would be awesome to sleep outside on the tramp. Jess, Elina, Anthony, Jeff, Connor, Lauren, Krishelle and I all slept out on the trampoline. When you're 10 sleeping on the tramp is pretty much the best thing ever. When you're in your 20's however, it's not nearly as comfortable. We basically took up the entire width of the tramp, and then you can't move because you all slide to the middle. We talked and saw tons of shooting stars, but then it was impossible to fall asleep. I actually ended up going inside around 3:45, and I still couldn't fall asleep. I slept off and on until about 7:30, and then I couldn't sleep at all after that. Needless to say about 2 hours of sleep isn't nearly enough!

Lucy decided Connor's pants looked quite comfy :)

Around 8:30 everyone came back inside (even though they'd all been awake pretty much all night), and we had eggs and pancakes for breakfast. We played around on the tramp a little more, and then they headed back to Logan to get ready for Church. I tried to take a nap but couldn't fall asleep, so finally decided to cut my losses.

At church we sat by Jeff and Connor, who were just as tired as we were. It was our goal not to fall asleep, and I believe that we all achieved it :) Paula gave her Farewell talk in our ward, and it was so good! She's going to be such an amazing missionary, and I'm so excited for her! The people of South Carolina are so lucky to get her. 

After Sacrament meeting we all went to Adam's Park for treats to celebrate Paula :)

Jeff and Connor like to think they're cool ;)
Elina and Anthony - they're basically adorable :)
Thanks to Stacy for taking this pic :)
We all wanted a picture with Mitch because he looked like an FBI Agent
Giant Group Hug

We're going to miss you Paula!!!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

  • Having a really good memory for small details. When someone tells me something or I learn something about someone, I usually remember it. A lot of times they don't remember telling me, so I pretend I don't know. Also when you learn something about someone on facebook, so really you shouldn't know about it, but you're just really good at fb stalking . . .
  • Making random eye contact with the guy from the next office over. Realizing I also told said guy the wrong information last week about his loans. Thinking I need to tell him I told him the wrong thing, but he's always just walking through to the bathroom, and it might be slightly unprofessional to yell 'Hey you! I told you the wrong thing!' as he walks by.
  • My face. Really? I've never had acne this bad in my life. Lame, lame, lame. I probably look like I'm 13.
  • Pronouncing Uinta 'U-ni-ta' while talking to someone on the phone. Facepalm. I really have lived in Utah my whole life, promise!
  • When I told a student something he apparently didn't like and he was like, "Are you sure?" all condescending-ish, and I really wanted to say "No, I just like to give everyone as much wrong information as possible." But instead just said, "Yes."
I'm pretty sure this picture is both awkward and awesome. Mainly it's awkward, but awesome because of Paula's hair.

  • The 70+ degree weather we had last week, and will have later this week. I love the sun!
  • Also, the rain this week, because it's making the valley green and gorgeous.
  • Nutella and banana crepes. It will change your life.
  • School is almost out. I'm not in school, but my friends are, and now they'll be more free to have adventures with.
  • Ducks! Tuesday when Paula and I left for work we walked around our house and there were ducks in our yard! I yelled 'Ducks!' One flew up and Paula screamed. It was hilarious :). And, what are the odds that the one day I was running late and eating toast for breakfast was the one day we saw ducks? The ducks quite enjoyed the toast.
  • My new computer. It's soooo much faster, it's not falling apart, and it's pink!
  • Tax returns. Last year I had to pay, but this year I'm getting $900. I'm pretty stoked about this :)

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Dear Boys

Dear Recruit,
I don't know why you intrigue me so much, but you do. I know your name, but I'm pretty sure you have no idea who I am, don't be creeped out! You gave a lesson and a talk over Christmas break when our wards were combined, so I'm not a complete stalker. Did you know that talking to you this morning made my day? (Even if it was just work relate stuff.) I wish I knew more about you.
The girl in the next office over
Dear Plaid,
Thank you for always brightening my day! I seriously love seeing you all the time. We should hang out more that we do :)
Love your face!
-The prettiest girl you know
Dear HC,
Don't worry, we added you to our 'friends for the summer list'. We have many exciting adventures planned :)
Dear Robin,
Sometimes I feel like we're just really good 'break' friends. Hopefully we'll play lots this summer break.
Dear 22,
You, my friend, are quite hilarious. How come we haven't been friends this whole year? Lame.  Anyway, I think you're pretty great :)