Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Last Night . . .

This was my shower last night  . . . (well, basically just the title) . . . .

There may or may not have been some screaming involved. Oh the joys of living in an old house.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Gingerbread Adventures and Missing People

This past weekend was really good. Saturday I was really, really happy, for no particular reason.I cleaned my room, read a book (The List - Go read it), went shopping with my family, and then came home. I then went over to Mitch's apartment with Stacy and Steve. We ran to Best Buy, Jamba, and then Smith's to get supplies for Gingerbread houses. We baked legit gingerbread, it was pretty sweet. We watched the movie 21, and then stayed there until 2:30am (not super smart). But we did have a pretty good conversation. 

 Sunday we had church at 10 (Amazing) because we were combined with three other wards. I then went home and wrapped presents for 2 hours for my mom, and then had dinner with my family. When I got home we went back over to Mitch's and built and decorated our gingerbread house.

Spoons for support!


This is from our Roommate Gift exchange

I also build Gingerbread houses last week with the Lewis's :)

Cory's spike windows :)


Love them!

Them too!

We're pretty cool :)

Today's been a little different. For some reason I woke up at 1:30 in the morning from a dream that just left me feeling awful. It took me about a half hour to fall back asleep again, and that was after listening to Church music and reading a chapter in the Book of Mormon. The rest of the day has been just a little weird, I guess I'm feeling a little discouraged. Work was fine (I actually finished another book), and I've been watching Megan while my parents went to test drive a car. I really don't like days when I feel like this. It makes me feel ungrateful for all the many blessings I do have. Do you ever feel like you're putting on a face for other people? I kinda feel like that today - I'm acting happy because some people think I always am.

I rediscovered this song today, and I'm a bit addicted again. It's the perfect song for a day like this.

Today I've really been missing people. Jordan and Kathy are on missions, Rachelle's home, Rachel's getting married, Mckenna's getting married, Aubree's having a baby, and someone else just isn't ever around anymore. I miss the really great conversations I'd have with all of them. Don't get me wrong, I have great conversations with my friends now (especially Paula :D - love her to death), but my current group of friends doesn't ever have the super good/deep conversations we had last year, which I miss so much.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

It's time for another Awkward and Awesome Thursday!!! Inspired by Sydney over at TheDaybook

- The guy at swing dancing last night who combined the Deacon Shuffle, the Cha Cha, the Waltz, normal swing, and tons of things I've never seen before all into one awkward dance. It may sound kinda cool, but it was not. Trust me on this.
- My house is constantly cold, so I decided to install clear window insulators. How is this awkward? It involved me standing in front of three open windows at night with the blinds open, blow drying the window. My neighbors probably think I'm crazy.
- The kid that just came to the front counter and stood right next to the other kid I was currently helping. We both looked over at him; he then backs up and apologized. Personal space and classified info dude! Update: This kid has now come up to me and asked dumb questions six times. I fear for his future. He also introduced himself and shook my hand. Strange.
- Trying to understand people on the phone with super thick accents. You can only say 'what' so many times before you start feeling stupid.
- Ice. I was walking home, wearing my super cute black black boots (sadly with no traction) when out of nowhere BAM! Flat on my butt - no chance to save myself.
- Somehow I always manage to sound like an idiot in front of one particular boy. It's a shame I like him. Oh well, maybe he thinks it's funny.
- The 'developments' I keep telling Paula about. I'm pretty sure I need a code name for this. It's not super awkward (yet at least) . . . but it has the potential to be.

- Fuzzy socks. Seriously, these have been the only thing keeping my feel within normal body temperature range. They are amazing. Everyone should own them.
- Picture text messages. They're basically just awesome. I probably send them way more often than I should, but I get a kick out of them :)
- I can now say I've helped build a concrete canoe. No joke. I didn't think it was physically possible for cement to float, but apparently it does. Who knew?
- Hot chocolate. I may be slightly addicted. Not only does it keep your hands warm, it is also a great way to socialize with friends :)
- Free movie tickets. Who wouldn't love this? My super cool roommate Stacy got us all free tickets to a pre-screening of the movie 'New Year's Eve'. It pretty much rocks :)
- Christmas is in 17 days. When did this happen?!?! Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year, and I especially love going to my Grandma's house in Wyoming like we are this year. If only I could figure out what to get my mom and sister for Christmas.
- White Elephant gift exchanges. I think they're one of my favorite Christmas traditions. I gave three Orlando Bloom posters and an Orlando puzzle. So glad a boy got it :)
- My Brother's done with 1/4 of his Mission. Crazy! Sometimes it feels like he just left, and sometimes it feels like he's been gone forever. He's loving it so much, and I'm so grateful for his example.