Monday, May 2, 2011

Well that was Embarrassing

Today I had my first of four finals.  It went pretty well, and we had a pizza party after, which is always awesome.  We also had our ward closing social tonight.  Juniper Take Out catered it, which was really good.  For entertainment we had the A1 boys do the OK Go dance to 'A Million Ways'.  They're so funny, and did such an great job. 

Kathy, Heidi, Steph and I then sang 'Hey Soul Sister' with two ukuleles and a drum.  We got the whole group to sing along, and it was very fun.  Now for the embarrassing part . . . the ward slide show.  So, last year I gave them a ton of pictures, and they just used a few, which was great.  This year, I sent a ton of pictures, but she used them all! I swear, it was like a giant O3 slide show, in front of the entire ward.  I guess she didn't get a ton of pictures . . . but oh gosh, was I embarrassed. I haven't been that embarrassed in a long time.  I was laughing so hard I was crying, and my face was so red!!! Oh wow . . . we now have a rating scale for embarrassing moments: 1 to the slide show.  I'm pretty sure my face is still red.

In other news my physiology comprehensive final is tomorrow at 9:30. Gross.

On a more exciting note, a certain someone sat by me in Sunday School . . . :D and then he and his roommate were over just talking at our apartment after ward prayer for almost an hour :D :D And he's going to be here for the summer :D :D :D