Thursday, March 22, 2012

Missions and an Evening Walk

Paula and Stacey both got their mission calls! Paula is going to the Colombia, South Carolina Mission, and Stacey is going to the Omaha, Nebraska Mission. They'll both be AMAZING!!!

Paula opened her call here, and we were lucky enough to be able to Skype with Stacey and her family when she opened hers.

Waiting for the big reveal!

Spring is officially here!!!Today it was around 65 degrees! It felt amazingly wonderful outside. Paula and I decided to take a walk in the gorgeous weather. It was literally the perfect temperature outside, and it smelled fantastic.

The Logan Cemetery

A really cool headstone. Someday I'll be that cool :)

When I have access to my mom's computer I'll put the video up of Paula opening her call :)

Reason #84 why I need a Boyfriend

When I make things like this

And I can only eat this much of it, and I'm not a big left overs fan.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Last night I decided I needed to do something productive, so I organized my life, or at least my bedroom. I finally got around to organizing my craft drawer, which really needed to be done.

I may have a slight addiction to sandals . . .

This is one of my favorite pairs of jeans. They are a bit big in the waist and I hate wearing belts, which results in me pulling up my pants a lot. I guess I pulled them up one too many times . . .

Lava and St. Patty's Day

Hey Look! It's a picture of just Steve and Paula!!!

Kenna and Dave, they're gettin' hitched in May! Yay! Love them both :)

The fruit Vandal strikes again.

So that we can say we actually went somewhere for spring break we went to Idaho! Very exciting, I know :)

The car ride to Lava

In honor of Steve: BILLIARDS!

St. Patrick's Day party

Lots of green food

Leprechaun socks :)

The aftermath of playing the Irish drinking game. Everyone began to cycle in and out of the bathroom :) In total, we drank the jello shots (fake, of course), 2 liters of shasta, 2 liters of ginger ale, 3 liters of Hawaiian punch, 4 liters of kool aid, and who knows how much water.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spring Break and Pi Day

2012 Spring Break isn't nearly as epic as 2011's Spring Break, probably because last year I was in Cali, and this year I'm just working. But, we have still had some fun adventures.

Friday: We went to eat at Pita Pit (conveniently I had a free coupon - win!) and then we went out to my house to play Just Dance, which we did for hours. I was so exhausted after, but it was so much fun.

Saturday: Paula, Stacy, and I went down to Layton to go shopping. It was a very fun trip, and I got a super cute dress, a belt for $5, some perfume, a cardigan, and a tank top for $2. Yay! That night we went with the other Stacey to see The Lorax. It was super good, but I would've preferred to not see it in 3D, because no movie is worth $10.

Sunday: We had a pretty chill Sunday. My mom and Steph were out of town, so I went home and made dinner for my Dad, Megan, and Cody. After I got back we went over to Mitch's apartment and had ice cream and watched a movie.

Monday: I worked all day, and then we went to two FHEs :) Our ward's FHE was at a park out in Hyrum. We had hot dogs and just hung out. After that, we went out to Paula's old Bishop's house for their FHE. (He invited us, it's not as weird as it sounds ;d) His house is gorgeous!!! It's huge and over looks Hyrum Dam. He also has a recording studio in his basement, which is so awesome. We had pizza there, so two free meals in one night!

Tuesday: Again I worked, and then came home and made dinner and all that fun stuff like grocery shopping. Paula, Steph, and I then went to help Mitch with a project for his Concrete Canoe team. They're making a bear as their mascot, so they had this huge bear that they'd carved out of Styrofoam, and then we were covering it with fake fur. It actually looks pretty legit, which is awesome. I'll have to put up some pictures when I get them. I still have glue all over my hands, which is the one downer of the night. Afterwards we went to Zeppe's to celebrate all our hard work. Mitch's was about twice the size of everybody else's, hahaha.

Wednesday: 3.14 - PIE!!! After work I made these crepes from the Traveling Triplets blog. They were pretty good, so I hope they're as good today as they were yesterday. Because it was PIE day, we decided that we had to eat pie. Paula and I got two pies from Lee's, the Marie Callendar frozen ones. We got home at 8:15, and told people to come over at 8:30. Bad plan .. . . we didn't realize how FROZEN the pies actually were! In order to thaw them, you're supposed to leave them in the fridge overnight. We couldn't do that! It's PIE day after all, and gosh darn it, we're gonna eat pie! The 'quick thaw' method was two slice the pie and put each individual piece on a place and put it in the fridge for 1 1/2 -2 hours. Nope, not gonna work either. So we improvised. We turned our stove burners on low and put the pies on them. Meanwhile we worked hard at slicing the very frozen pie.

Yep, I totally went through the bottom . . .woops. We didn't eat it until 9:30, and it was still delicious even though it was half frozen :) We then played a couple rounds of 9 Down. We know how to through a wild party ;)

I almost forgot! I haven't blogged about Paula's 3/4 surprise Birthday Party.  So we're terrible friends and missed Paula's 1/2 birthday, so we decided to throw her a surprise 3/4 birthday. She was super surprised, needless to say. We had balloons, streamers, presents, and tons of friends over. Steph also made a super awesome cake :) It was overall a success!!!

PS I made the perfect grilled cheese sandwich the other day, thought you'd want to know.

Friday, March 2, 2012


I can't ever leave Stephanie unattended. This time she vandalized my grapefruit.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Summer 2012 Bucketlist

I am so ready for summer. This winter has been really weird. It'll randomly snow, and then melt by the afternoon. It'll get up to about 40 degrees one day, and then the next it's freezing again. When we wanted snow in December it didn't come, but now that it's March it's a Winter Wonderland outside. Walking up the hill to work on a sheet of solid ice with the lovely wind blowing out of the Canyon certainly wasn't fun this morning. Quite frankly I'd say it's a miracle I didn't fall, especially since I was holding a glass bowl of jello and an umbrella. Talent, that's what that is :)

So, because I'm so tired of winter and soooooo ready for summer, I made a Summer 2012 Bucket List :)

* Boating - I'd go every week if I could
* Float the Onieta Narrows
* Go Cliff Jumping at Porcupine
* Summer Fest
* The Rodeo
* Demolition Derby
* Black & White Days
* Hiking
* Camping
* Fishing
* Lewiston 4th of July
* The Fair
* Lagoon
* Bear Lake
* Pickleville
* Drive in Movie
* Shoot Trap
* The Farmer's Market
* Mud Volleyball
* Canoeing
* Summer Sidewalk Sale
* Bike Riding
* Have sponge races
* Chalk people
* Hopscotch
* Night Games
* Slackline
* Relax in a hammock
* Play Badminton
* Tennis
* Go Roller Blading
* Slip 'n Slide
* Run through sprinklers
* Swing on Swings
* Fly Kites
* Sleep on the Tramp
* Watch a Meteor Shower
* Jump Rope
* Go Mini Golfing
* 4-wheeling
* Build cardboard canoes
* Get snow cones
* Eat Popsicles
* Build a sandcastle
* Go to the Aquatic Center
* Willow Park
* Visit Antelope Island