Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My future according to Steph

Steph sent me and adorably awesome text today, it made my entire day :) It was totally out of the blue, and I really I really hope she's right :)

"There once was a beautiful lady named Meeshell. And dang was she fine, she had long dark hair and deep brown eyes. Every boy secretly wanted her but they were intimidated by her brains and beauty. She waited patiently for that day when her prince charming would finally have the guts to ask her out .... once he mustered the courage to approach her and ask her out they went on a fabulous date and were inseparable since then. And they lived happily ever after and he did cute things for her and was never a jerk and never looked at flousies because he had his perfect woman. Yep. This is gonna happen, just you wait and see :)"

Can I just say I love my sister tons? She's basically awesome.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Dances, cakes, and pranks, oh my!

Hello again! I've been meaning to update this since last Sunday, but I always seem to have something else going on. So remember my huge Physiology test? I got a 94!!! I was so freakin' excited! I found out while I was at work, and I freaked out, literally. I was at the front desk and doing a happy dance inside. I called my Dad to tell him and basically shouted it at him, it was great :) Can I just say I love this picture? The randomness of Tyson and Kathy basically describe the past two weeks :) We hung out with Tyson a lot yesterday, and I realized how much I miss him. We always have excellent chats.

Not last Friday but the Friday before was the IWA dance. Like I said before, my original date got sick so I went with Mark. We had a ton of fun. We went to Fredrico's for dinner, then we played games, and then we went to a dress rehearsal of Bandito Rides Again, the Melodrama from Pickleville Playhouse that played last summer. Mckenna, Aubree, and Cory are all in it, and it's stinkin' hilarious. It was a ton of fun but went longer than we originally planned, so we were only at the dance for about 20 minutes. The 2o minutes we were there were super fun. They played awesome songs, and we went crazy dancing. The last song was 'My Heart Will Go On' and Mark and I had an awesome time making complete idiots of ourselves. We sang loudly at the top of our lungs and danced around like crazies. It was awesome :) We then went back to our apartment and had phizookies, which were delicious. We may have lit our oven on fire . . . shhh!!!
What a good lookin' bunch of people :)Our oven's on fire!!!!!!!!!!!

Last Sunday we at dinner with the boys which was super fun. We also made super awesome homemade pizza last week, which was so good.

Thursday was Rachelle's 1/2 birthday, so we made her an awesome cake. I asked Mark the most random animal he could think of, and he said Platypus. He was convinced we couldn't make it, so we did it to prove him wrong. Also, platypuses . . . platypi? whatever the plural form of platypus is are just awesome animals. They're good at everything, just like Rachelle :) They also just seem like happy, bubbly creatures. We made Perry the Platypus from Phineas and Ferb.

Oh! I almost forgot! So the thing I couldn't write about last week was our awesome prank on Todd. He turned our entire apartment upside down, so we stole all of his plaid shirts. If you know Todd, you know he loves his plaid shirts. He wears one almost every day, so for him to not have his shirts, it was a pretty big deal. We gave a shirt back to him in a cereal box via Preston, we put one in his mail box, we put one on a monkey from the DI, we had some girls return on, we had his roommate wear one, and the best yet, we had one of his Professors return one to him in the middle of class. That was beautiful. He was so embarrassed! We gave the rest of them back to him at ward prayer by all of us wearing them.
We look rather smashing in them, I must say. Plaid, we always look good in plaid ;)

What are you, stupid? Red eye flashes twice!!! (Look up Julian Smith, Red eye flashes twice on youtube :)
For FHE we made cakes without a recipe. They were interesting, to say the least . . . .

I'm not quite sure what's happening here . . . they all looks so happy :)
Mark brought over a 5 lb bag of gummy bears. Of course a gummy bear war ensued. These poor little fellas were the casualties. I found them everywhere, from the bathroom to the coat closet. They never even had a chance.

Yay for Aggie basketball! We're basically awesome :)
This is inside our amazingly awesome fort we built in the P lounge. Sadly I didn't get a picture of it from the outside before it fell down, but it was awesome. We set up a projector and watched two movies in it. I love feeling like I'm five again. Maybe that's why I love my jelly shoes . . . .

This is my friend Sam. Sam's birthday was during finals week, and needless to say, everyone was super busy. We promised Sam a cake spring semester, and we finally got around to doing it. It turned out smashingly, I must say. He loved it, and almost didn't want to eat it :) His name is Alfonso, and he's your average garden gnome.
I'm currently learning two piano duets, and I'm really excited about them. I haven't actually learned a new song on the piano forever, and it feels so good to actually play again.

Yesterday was the Joseph Smith Memorial fireside. Elder Ballard came, and it was amazing to have an Apostle of the Lord speak to us. Church was really good as well yesterday. Because they just split two wards in my stake, my ward now has church at 8 am. A little bit on the early side, but it's definitely not as bad as the 2:30-5:30 ward.

Oh, random story for the day, I lit an oven mitt on fire yesterday while getting something out of the toaster oven . . . how I managed that, I have no idea.

The weather has been so warm lately! Yesterday it was 50 degrees! That's crazy for February. Rachelle and I delivered Valentines to our favorite people in the ward, and then we got a bunch of people together to play Frisbee on the grassy knoll. It was so nice to play outside. We got five Frisbees going on at once, which was pretty intense at times. Many windows, buildings, and people were hit, but no major injuries occurred. We also got to play the most epic hopscotch ever. It was 40 squares long, and turned into Elf. You got to go through the candy candy forest and crawl through the Lincoln tunnel. You also got to dance for 38 seconds. It was definitely epic :)

For Valentine's Day some boys in the ward made all of the girls Roses out of red and green duct tape. They're really quite cool, and they never die! The perfect kind of flower really. I also got a balloon, candy and homemade cookie from my parents. I always love getting the balloon, it's not the balloon its self, but more of the tradition of it :)

Speaking of Valentine's Day, this is THE CUTEST THING I've ever seen done for Valentine's Day. I got giddy over it, and it doesn't involve me or people I even know!

Tonight for FHE we went to a combined Valentine's dance with the other two wards from Old Farm. It was a lot of fun. The best was dancing with Mark to a song from the Lion King. Needless to say we're not afraid to make fools of ourselves. Apparently the guy Heidi was dancing with actually told her he wanted to stop and watch us. Bahahahaha :)

While at the dance I went to get a drink and started talking to Bishop's wife. She's awesome, and I love her tons. She asked me if I had a boyfriend in the ward. I told her no, but asked if she thought I was dating anyone. She said she thought I was dating the boy I'm currently trying not to like. I was like, uh, nope, we're not dating. And someone else asked Heidi if we were dating. Why do I like the stupid boy? I thought I was doing better . . . fail. Well shoot!

Patience, that's what I need to work on. Every time I get frustrated, I tell myself patience. Sometime in the past week, I can't remember when, I was extremely frustrated with the situation. I opened my scriptures randomly to "Trust in the Lord, with all thine heart, and lean not to thine own understanding. In all they ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct they paths." It's one of my favorite scriptures, and definitely one that I needed to hear right then. I'm definitely grateful that Heavenly Father is always aware of me and my feelings, no matter how trivial they may be in the eternal scheme of things.

Well it's midnight and I really should go to bed, so goodnight!

Love, Michelle

Friday, February 4, 2011

A Crazy Week ....

This past week has been a little crazy. I've had three huge tests, and now I feel like I can finally breathe again. Saturday I took an online test for sign language, and I think it went really well. Tuesday I had my first test in Physiology, and I hope it went okay. I'd be ecstatic if I got a B. I've never studied that much for a test before. Saturday Kathy and I were home alone for most of the day. All we did was study, sing with the Ukulele occasionally, and make cinnamon rolls that didn't rise. I didn't leave the apartment until 6 that night for the adult session of Stake Conference. Needless to say, we were both going a little crazy. Wednesday I had a test in my 5200 class. I hope it went okay, but I'm not sure.

This week our receptionist at work is out, so I've been filling in a lot. Tuesday I sat on the phones for six hours straight. Six hours of answering phones and not moving makes you a little crazy. I definitely couldn't do it every day. I'm actually on the phones right now, and it's super slow. I've received four calls in an hour. I know you're all super jealous right now.

FHE was super fun this week. Stephanie gave a really good lesson on individual worth, and then we went to the Fine Arts building and played miniature golf through the building with tennis balls. I love that no one asked what we were doing :)

Ooh! Call number five just came in. Wow, it's slow today.

So the best thing that's been happening this week I can't really write about until Sunday . . . so you'll just have to wait. It's so good though, you should be excited, who ever 'you' is.

Wednesday was Rachel's 1/2 birthday. Stephanie made her an awesome cake shaped like a vacuum, because Rachel loves to vacuum. She was pretty excited. I'll post a picture next time when I have access to my pictures. Wednesday Rachel and I had quite the little adventure. So her hamster Aggie had a swollen face, so we took her to the vet. We went to the one in Richmond, which was super funny, because it's mostly a large animal vet clinic. Little Aggie had a check up, got a shot, as well as eye drops and an antibiotic. The cat at the vet decided I was her new best friend. I named her Gertrude. She was very nice, but I shouldn't have held her while wearing my black coat . . .

So tonight is the IWA girl's choice formal dance. Basically it's an excuse to get all dressed up and feel pretty :) I asked a super cute super nice boy in my ward, and I was way excited about it. I don't know him very well, but he's just a solid, good cute guy. Sadly he called last night and he's been super sick all week. He had a doctor's appointment today at home, so he can't go. Well shoot! Luckily he said we should do something next weekend, which is pretty sweet. He actually invited me to go hiking with him towards the beginning of the school year, but I was going boating and couldn't go, which I was pretty sad about. Of course with him not being able to go, I now have the dilemma of not having a date. Rachel and Rachelle kept suggesting all these different boys, including ones I had never met. All of my roommates asked someone they were at least slightly interested, and I definitely don't want to go with someone I don't know. The date's gonna be super fun, and I don't want to be with someone I don't know. So, I asked Mark to go with me. We're going as just friends, which really is awesome, because then it'll just be chill and fun. I don't have to worry about impressing anyone. I can be crazy and dance like an idiot if I want to :) He knows my date was sick and couldn't go, so it shouldn't be weird that I took him to the last dance. Well, we never actually went to the dance because the fire alarm was going off when we got there so we just left and went to Harry Potter.

Wow, there have been three good songs on the radio in a row. That never happens! This is amazing.

So, two people just walked into the front office and left cheese and crackers on the desk . . . . but they didn't say who it's for . . . odd. hmmm

There are so many funny people at work. I just spent a few minutes talking with this guy named Sai. He's pretty funny, he asked me if I liked American Idol. Good times at work, good times :)

So I go from no calls to four at once. I think they must coordinate it. The last person asked if you took Hunter Safety here, um, that would be a no, hahahaha.

So I found a girl on Youtube who is AMAZING! Her name's Jayme Dee, look her up. Her original song 'Love Whiplash' has been on constant repeat for the last two days.

Well I'm pretty sure this is super boring . . . I'll post again this weekend about the dance and the other thing I mentioned. :)