Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Creep, Baby Shower, Blokus, Bowling, and Fiesta

Here's Stephanie's facebook status this morning:
"I woke up this morning to find my brother Cody setting up a card board cut out of a man at the foot of my bed. Creep."
I about died laughing, especially since Cody stole my Legolas card board cut out from under my bed.
In other random news, it's been a pretty busy few days since this past weekend. Saturday Stacy and I got up early to go wait in line for cheap summer housing. Sadly that was a fail. The place we wanted to live filled up, so we wasted an hour and a half of our lives and still have no where to live this summer. The apartment hunt continues. That afternoon I got to go to Aubree's baby shower. I can't believe he's going to be here in 9 weeks! Crazy! I swear we're not old enough for her to have a baby ;) That evening we went to my Dad's ward guitar concert. It was pretty fun, and I got to see a couple of friends I don't see often. After that we went over to Elina's brother's house because apparently one of his mission buddies thought I was cute. We talked a for a little while and then played a couple of games. Then Steph and Paula ditched us to go see a movie with our neighbors. We played a game a little longer, then just kinda sat around. There were about three conversations going on, and it just wasn't a super good way to get to know someone. He seemed like a nice guy, but I didn't really get to know him very well. Funny thing though, aparently for the whole night Stacy thought I was supposed to be meeting his other friend that I actually went to high school with :) Stacy and I then left after not doing anything for a little while and went and got Zeppes.

Sunday night we went over to Mitch's apartment to play games. We first played blokus on teams because we had 8 people. It's a really fun game, but it takes a lot longer when you have to consult with someone before you make a move. Later we played speed blokus, and all of us did pretty badly, but it was lots of fun. There ended up being a ton more guys than girls over, which is pretty typical of that apartment. The guys turned on a basketball game and then played Nintendo while we did speed blokus. I was quite glad that Paula, Stacy and Stephanie (not my sister) were there, because last time they played Nintendo it ended up being me and 8 guys, hahaha. We also met a new guy in our ward name Conner who seems super nice. It's amazing how you can go to church with people for months and never actually meet them.

Monday night our Stake had a fiesta. There was tacos and Latin Dancing. We didn't do any dancing, but we did enjoy watching it. The tacos were pretty good, but they were a bit messy because they fell apart. What was the best part of FHE? The text one of our Bishopric Counselors sent us about the activity: "Stake home evening @7 at church. Fiesta nigjt. Latin dancing and tacos. Come. dressed. if you want." Hahahah, apparently clothes are optional for this activity ;) After that we went to Charlie's to get ice cream because there weren't treats at FHE. After that we went Cosmic bowling for free, courtesy of Stacey :)

Last night was pretty chill. Elina, Steph and I sat around my bedroom and sang and played guitar. Steph wants to have a guitar/talent show over spring break, and I think we found a song we might do.

Reasons why Paula and Steve are really the Same Person

So, Stacy and I have decided that Paula and Steve are really the same person. This basically stems from the fact that they're both super nice people, who both apologize a lot :) The other night we made a list of all the reasons why, and I must say, it seems even more true now.

* Both have honey wheat colored hair
* Both say sorry all the time
* Both have done community service
* Both have lived with a grandparent
* Both are swimmers
* They have similar cars now and in the past
* Both have blue eyes
* They're the same height (if Paula wears heels :D)
* Both are the youngest
* Both hate cats
* Both feel bad
* They like complimentary colors
* Both have 5 letters in their first names
* Both of their middle names start with an 'A'
* Both have 6 letters in their last names
* Both annoyed when told they're similar
* Both ski
* Both were born out of state
* Both have ancestors from England, Sweden, and Germany
* They have the same facial expressions
* Both protest this list
* Both are in administrative majors
* Both have had 8 jobs
* Both dislike marshmallows in hot chocolate
* Both dislike Taylor Swift
* Both are rebels at heart
* Both have had freak accidents
* Both ran track
* Both did Drama
* Both like ketchup more than fry sauce
* Both think ranch on pizza is gross
* Both dislike the smell of the flowering trees on campus

See?! They're like the same person! hahahaha

I didn't have a picture of just Steve and Paula, so you get one with Stacy in between them.  And don't even get me started on why Steve and Stacy are actually twins :)
Can't you just see the resemblance?!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

President's Day Weekend

This past weekend was pretty chill, which was so nice. Here's a rundown of what we did:

Friday: My Dad's Stake rented out the Sport's Academy, so we got to go swimming for free! Good times, except for the idiot who chucked an exercise ball off the the balcony and nailed Steph in the head. She really is cursed.

Saturday: I went shopping with my Mom and Steph. I also started making a skirt. Pictures to come when it's closer to being done.

Sunday: Mckenna, David, Elina, Jess and Michael (who were up from Provo) came over for crepes. We then went to Steph and Mckenna's Stake Conference. After that went to Mckenna's and had lunch with everyone. We made soup, grilled cheese sandwiches and a beautiful salad. I also have a new favorite grilled cheese ingredient - ranch powder. It may sound strange, but it will change your life, seriously. That night we watched the season two finale of Downton Abbey. How in the world are we going to be able to wait for the next season?!

Don't you just love David in Mckenna's apron?

Monday: It was a pretty chill day with the family. We had breakfast, started sewing a shirt, and then went to town. We went bowling an I won! I actually beat everyone in my family, including my Dad. It's a miracle. I got four strikes! Of course I'd get two strikes and then a gutter ball, but still four strikes! Megan even beat Cody :) We went to our favorite Mexican restaurant for lunch, and then went shopping. After that my mom helped me finish sewing my shirt. Pictures to come :)

Overall it was a pretty good weekend. Nothing too exciting, but sometimes that's just what you need :)

What's the best thing about wearing these boots to church?

Wearing these socks under them and know one knowing :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!

While I don't have a boyfriend, I'm not a hater of Valentine's Day. In my family, my mom's always tried to make Valentine's Day special for all of us, not just her and my Dad. Every year she gives us a heart shaped balloon and a bag of goodies. This year She delivered a balloon and a bag of candy to my office. She even went all out this year and put in Valentine socks and emery boards. (We have a slight nail obsession :D). I love the fact that my mom takes to time to think of each of us and make us all feel special on Valentine's Day

Tonight, instead of man hating, Steph, Stacy, Paula and I are getting heart shaped pizza's from Papa Murphy's and going to see The Vow. Sounds likes a pretty fabulous evening to me :)

The delicious treat my Visiting Teachers brought me

Our heart shaped pizza - I guess it's kind of a heart :)

The traditional balloon and goodies from my mom :)

The adorable card from Paula

Valentines from my Mom and Steph
The Rose from my Dad

Random adventure of the day:
Today there was a job fair on campus, and Jessica (a girl I work with) and I were in charge of putting up signs all over campus for it. so, at 8 this morning we had to walk all over campus in the freezing cold and bitter wind (I thought my ears were going to fall off) and attempt to stick the signs into the frozen ground. It was actually quite laughable :) By the end of our trip around campus we were pros at knowing what kind of ground would be less frozen. That my friends, is a valuable life skill ;)