Once upon a time I decide to make Stephanie a pirate ship birthday cake.  We then decided that every cake we made from now on needs to be cool.  Steph and I make the fondant, I'm the color expert, and Steph is the master decorating expert.

 Stephanie's Pirate Ship birthday cake

Dan's UFO cake

 Elina's Samuri birthday cake - our first attempt at fondant

 Brad's hampster birthday cake

 Megan's butterfly cake

 My guitar birthday cake

 Tyson's Fat Ninja Cake

 Kathy's hippo cake

 Daniel's 1/2 birthday hairy foot cake

 Mark's 1/2 birthday Minion Cake

 Rachel's 1/2 birthday vacuum cake

 Rachelle's 1/2 birthday platypus cake

 Sam's garden gnome cake

 Nick's Eskimo cake

Todd's 1/2 birthday hamburger cake

Heid's Island Birthday cake

Dad's Sushi Cake :)

Cody's Yoda 17th Birthday cake