Friday, September 28, 2012

Dear Boys

Dear Josh Hutcherson Look-a-like,
It's really too bad you're two years younger than me. You're super cute, thoughtful, and smart. Oh well, maybe I'll try to set you up with Steph.

Dear Social,
You, my friend, are hilarious. I'm quite glad we're getting to be better friends.

Dear HC,
I'm pretty sure you should stay here for Grad school. Who wants to move far away? It's much cooler here :)

Dear Deja Vu,
You, kind sir, are quite gorgeous. Too bad the only time we've spoken is at each other's place of employment.
Just another customer

Dear 12,
I'm really hoping the hike tomorrow doesn't kill me. You seem really nice and I hope I don't die so I can get to know you better.

Dear Doctor,
Why aren't you real? I haven't been obsessed with fictional character this much since Will Turner.
Dr Who Fan Girl

Dear Eye Contact,
My goal has been to actually talk to you, but I can't if I never see you. How's ward prayer sound?


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Puzzle Snailing

Lately Mitch, Steve, Steph, Landon and I have been doing puzzles. (We're secretly 70 hahaha). It all started with the Orlando Bloom puzzle Steve got from me at our White Elephant party and it just went from there.

Somehow it evolved into snailing when we completed the puzzle . . . I have no idea why.

 Completed Will Turner
 Complete Charlie's angels
Completed Farrah Fawcett.

Please excuse the 70's awkward puzzles, Steve and Mitch live in Steve's Grandpa's old house and we found them in the game room. Steph and I went to the DI and bough 13 more puzzles for $9. Win :) 

More snailing to come :)

Major Catch Up

Floating Onieta

Jumping into Logan River 

El Toro for Mitch's Birthday 

I don't even know...

Aubree's Birthday Cake 

Logan 24th of July 

Lagoon - Meggie's so excited 

Rock Climbing 

Ward Luao 

Last Ward Prayer 

HE Movie Night 



Steph after she face planted 

Pumice Jumping near Malad 

Elina's Birthday 

End of Summer BBQ that turned into over 40 people 

I beat Mitch at Risk!

Camping up the Canyon

 Warming backsides

Free Parachute Concert at the State Fair

Real blogging soon!