101 Things to do in My Life

Here's my list of 101 things I want to do in my life, in no particular order

1)      Ride in a hot air balloon
2)      Be in two places at once
3)      See the Seven Wonders of the World
4)      Visit Croatia
5)      Get Married in the Logan Temple
6)      Have a Family of my own
7)      Earn my Master’s Degree
8)      Ride in a helicopter
9)      Go Cliff Jumping
10)   Visit Niagra Falls
11)   Be an EFY Counselor
12)   See a show on Broadway
13)   Write a book
14)   Go on a blind date
15)   Own a house with a wrap-around porch
16)   Eat Fish and Chips in England
17)   Go on a legit road trip
18)   Sleep in a castle
19)   Go on an LDS mission with my Husband
20)   Go on a humanitarian trip to a third world country
21)   Attend a real concert
22)   See Machu Picchu with my Dad
23)   Take a picture with a stranger
24)   Kiss in the rain
25)   Campout with my friends
26)   Ride in a convertible with my hair down
27)   Ride an elephant
28)   Stay up all night
29)   Learn another language
30)   Ride a subway
31)   Get a facial
32)   Go shopping in New York City
33)   Swim with Dolphins
34)   Make a stained glass window
35)   Climb the Eiffel Tower
36)   See the Australian Outback
37)   Solve a Rubik’s cube
38)   Read all of Jane Austen’s novels
39)   Play a corpse in a TV show or movie 
40)   Frolic through a field of wildflowers
41)   Scuba Dive in the Great Barrier Reef
42)   Buy something from a flea market
43)   Go to the Taj Mahal
44)   Ride a Double Decker bus in London
45)   Visit all 50 states
46)   Jump into a waterfall
47)   Run a marathon
48)   Surf in Hawaii
49)   Watch the sunrise
50)   Learn to ballroom dance
51)   Ride in a gondola in Venice
52)   Visit Washington DC
53)   Eat sushi in Japan
54)   See the Great Wall of China
55)   See the Pyramids
56)   Go on a Cruise
57)   See the Grand Canyon
58)   Crochet a scarf
59)   Own every color of Old Navy Flip Flops
60)   Have my own garden
61)   See Ancient Greece
62)   Actually write all the stories I have in my head
63)   Try caviar
64)   Fly First Class
65)   Get a pedicure
66)   Catch firefliles in a jar
67)   Eat frog legs
68)   See the Mona Lisa
69)   Visit Ireland
70)   Kiss at Midnight on New Year’s Eve
71)   Go on an African Safari
72)   Go legit backpacking
73)   Get a rock to skip more than 3 times on water
74)   See the statues of Easter Island
75)   Make a quilt
76)   Hike around a volcano
77)   Be in the audience of a TV show
78)   Go to Disney World
79)   Go horseback riding on the beach
80)   See a meteor shower
81)   Attend the Olympics
82)   Make a difference in someone’s life
83)   Learn the thriller dance
84)   Ride in a taxi
85)   Get CPR certified
86)   Have my own library
87)   Be able to whistle with my fingers
88)   Ride in a horse drawn carriage
89)   Go to Time’s Square on New Year’s Eve
90)   Ride a train across Europe
91)   Read the Book of Mormon at least once a year
92)   Learn to Hula
93)   Go legit rock climbing
94)   Actually finish a game of Risk
95)   Completely memorize a difficult song on the piano
96)   Blow a bubble bigger than my face
97)   Watch all three Lord of the Rings Extended editions in a row
98)   Visit all the National Parks in Utah
99)   See the Forbidden City
100)  Ride a Tandem bike
101)   Leave a Legacy