Saturday, April 30, 2011

Final Finals

So, Finals are next week.  These are my final Finals!  Well, at least until Grad school . . . but my final finals of my Bachelor degree.  It's quite odd, I don't feel old enough to be graduating from college.  Most people ask if I'm a Freshman, so apparently I don't look old enough to graduate either.

I have four finals, but only two are comprehensive.  For Aural habilitiation we have a take home, which is awesome.  For my Speech Assessment and Intervention class our final is only on one chapter, and we get a 4x6 note card. Sign language is comprehensive, but I get to take it online any time I want next week.  Sadly, physiology is comprehensive :(

Currently, as Mark would say, I am at the South-West corner of the second floor in the Merrill-Cazier Library of the Utah State University campus in Logan, Utah, USA, World, local solar system, Milky Way Galaxy, Universe, place of intelligence and matter (not created nor neither can be), studying.  Well, currently I'm blogging, but I should be studying, and I have studied a lot.  I had a physiology review from 8-10 this morning (which is quite cruel for a Saturday), and Kathy and I were here for 3 hours earlier before going to the LDV concert.  Now we're back at the library, and I must say I enjoy the way we study.  Mark and I are eating nerds, and Rachelle brought us delicious homemade cinnamon rolls :)

So it's been a week full of injuries.  On Wednesday the sun was shining!  We played volleyball outside our apartment, and it was pretty intense.  I have bruises all over my arms, and now it kind of looks like I'm diseased.  It was worth it though.  Last night Sean Kingston came to 'Aggie Fest', along with Allred and a ton of other bands. My audiology professor would have been very disappointed in my lack of ear protection.  It was fun, but as soon as Sean Kingston came on, it turned into a giant mosh pit, let's shove everyone fest.  We went with the boys from A1, and it's a good thing they're tall and easy to see.  At one point I seriously thought I was going to die.  A huge guy started pushing his way through, and shoved us all way hard.  He then shoved the security guy - bad idea.  This then started them shoving each other back and forth, and some punches were thrown. Luckily Paula pulled me out of the way.  They then 'escorted' the guy out of the area. It was intense!  My next 'injury' isn't nearly as cool.  This morning I was using one of those apple corer/slicer things, and it's pretty crappy.  Somehow I managed to slice two of my fingers open while using it . . . yeah, I'm talented like that. I'm now wearing two band aids, which make me feel pretty cool, if you know what I mean ;)

Thursday night the A1 boys had a dance party, and I'm pretty sure we cracked the floor, literally.  They had 70 people in their front room!  It was a bit crazy, but tons of fun.

As much as I'd rather continue to blog, I really should continue to study.  It may be hard though, because Mark is right in front of me, and Steph's behind him, so I keep looking at her and he thinks I'm looking at him and it's just awkward and funny . . . oh the joys of the library.

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