Thursday, September 1, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

Sydney over at The Daybook has what she calls 'Awkward and Awesome Thursday' where she tells all the reasons for the week why she's both awkward and awesome. Sydney is hilarious and has one of my favorite blogs to read. Here's my take on being awkward and awesome :)

  • Answering the phone at work and having to ask three times who they wanted to speak to . . . enunciate people!
  • People who keep telling me good luck with school and then they feel weird when they find out I'm not in school and then that makes me feel weird and old and yeah . . .
  • Almost posting this with the word 'ear' where 'yeah' should have been
  • Not shaving your legs and having a boy touch them and inform you that you didn't shave today. Really? I had no idea!
  • Trying to match visitors at work with the pictures on their badges . . . if you had a beard in your picture it'd be greatly appreciated if you didn't shave ever. If you didn't have a beard, well your face is just gonna have to be naked for a while.  Also, please wear the same hat every time.
  • Leaving my front door open because it's hot and getting whistled at in my pajamas
  • My eight-year-old sister playing footsies with Mark . . . no, just no.
  • Boating . . . 'nuff said
  • Being able to blog at work :)
    Having the Internet at my house! I will never take you for granted again dear Internet
  • Strawberry crepes, bacon, and orange Julius for dinner with an episode of Psych afterwards
  • Birthday treats at work
  • My fan named Oscar. Our house without air conditioning would be horrendous without you dear friend
  • Getting emails from Jordan where he says "(creepy eyebrow raise)" and being able to picture his facial expression exactly
  • Staying up late, doing absolutely nothing, and laughing at everything


  1. Pretty sure this post is hilarious. :) And in response to your comment on my blog... HECK YES WE SHOULD! :) I don't know who any of your boys are (though I'm having a fun time trying to guess, haha). Oh my love, we must play more.

  2. awkward and awesome is my FAVIE. And yes, boys touch non-shaved legs and comment on them WAY too often. What is up with that?!

  3. Amen to the shaving comment. It's not like they shave their faces every day... OR... even when they don't, it's not like we go up to them, rub their chin, and say, "Oh hey, you haven't shaved!"

    Also... "Strawberry crepes, bacon, and orange Julius for dinner with an episode of Psych afterwards."

    Um... why are we not eating breakfast together more often? This sounds incredible. To the n'th degree.

  4. Ahhh, shaving legs. The bane of my existence. I so wish I could pull off the hippie look:-) xoxo